Experienced designers and manufacturers of quality approved horseboxes where attention to detail and a high standard of workmanship and customer service are key. All our horseboxes are manufactured onsite by ourselves an approved manufacturer in our purpose built workshops by our team of skilled craftsmen all of whom are qualified and accomplished in their fields. We only use the best quality most durable materials available ensuring your JM Horsebox will do its job and look good for years to come. Our range covers horseboxes from 3.5 tonne to 26 tonne and we specialize in bespoke builds tailored to meet your requirements exactly.

Plus JM Commercial Spray Services

Brand new Dalby spray booth and oven capable of accommodating large HGV horseboxes and commercial vehicles. Services offered included Horsebox spraying and re-spraying with graphics and artwork a speciality, small and large commercial vehicle spraying and re spraying and insurance repair work.


  1. a range of stock horseboxes always available
  2. bespoke build service using one of our stock chassis or your own chassis
  3. custom living area fitting service
  4. repairs and refurbishments to your existing horsebox
  5. all vehicle spray and re-spray work including airbrushed artwork
  6. specialist vehicles and trailers fabricated for the motorsport and leisure sector
  7. insurance work undertaken

Please contact us for full specification details and prices of our horseboxes.

Virtual Horsebox Tour & Interactive Brochure

We also manufacture custom motor and sports homes and enjoy working with our customers to create the perfect motor or sports home to suit each individuals needs and budget perfectly.

Previous customers include reining super moto GP world champions Silicone Honda Racing and TT rider Russ Mountfield.


  1. All our horseboxes have a full tilt cab facility for ease of servicing and maintenance as well as a cut through from the cab for quick and easy access to the horse area in an emergency.
  2. All crossbearers, chassis rails, tilt cab and ramp frames, screws and fixings are aluminium for durability and lightness.
  3. Our horsebox bodies are constructed using panels specially designed for us that are not only lightweight so maximizing payload but due to their construction are strong and unlike most panels contains no wood product at all which eliminates any possibility of rot. These panels are also one piece and skinned in aluminium to give a superior look and paint finish.
  4. All our ramps are fabricated in aluminium and aluminium planked again with no use of wood based products resulting in a durable lightweight ramp which is easy to lift by one person - although we still offer the option of an hydraulic ramp for those who prefer. Our ramps are lined in one piece DEFRA approved maximum slip resistant premium rubber matting which features a specially designed rib texture that ensures a secure foot hold for horse and handler while going both up and down the ramp.
  5. Our horsebox roofs are fully insulated and lined with one piece aluminium.
  6. The safety of horses in transit is of paramount importance to us when considering the both the design of and materials used in our horseboxes. Whilst we understand that the weight is an important issue we will not compromise on the strength and safety of our horseboxes simply to boast the biggest payload on the market – however the unladen weight of our horseboxes still starts at 4800 kg. As well as the external panelling and impact resistant EVA board we incorporate a sub frame in our horse areas for maximum peace of mind – this is something we have always believed in and practised in our horseboxes and we are pleased to see that some horsebox companies are following suit.
  7. We only use the best quality materials available from reputable manufacturers rather than some of the cheaper imported alternatives.
  1. All our horsebox floors are fully constructed in aluminium planking with the aluminium cross members being set more closely than the norm in the horse area for maximum strength – again we use no wood product at all in our horsebox floors and don't simply line our floors in aluminium sheets but use full aluminium planks. The aluminium planking is overlaid with one piece anti – slip hard wearing rubber in the horse area and is fully drained.
  2. Our partitions and fixings are all fabricated in polished stainless steel which as well as giving an attractive finish requires no maintenance.
  3. Throughout our range we use durable non corrosive fixtures and fittings including our stainless steel ramp arms, rub rail, screws and fixings.
  4. Where suitable we use fibreglass moulds in our horseboxes. Not only does this keep the overall weight of our horseboxes as low as possible but also gives visual and aerodynamic properties.
  5. All our boxes are available with a weight certificate – as no two of our horseboxes are identical and many are built to custom specifications we are able to advise customers of the basic weight of each of the different builds we offer and then advise what the weight implications would be of all the optional extras and living items that can be added to the build.
  6. Our horsebox livings come undergo a full gas and electrical safety inspection and come with an electrical and gas safety certificate. This safety inspection should be carried out annually and we are more than happy to arrange this for you.
  7. Both our chassis and bodies come with warranty – we offer 2 years warranty on our coachbuilt bodies and offer a full after sales care service.
  8. Every single one of our horseboxes is an individual and we offer many different layout and design options to choose from both internally and externally allowing you to create a horsebox to suit your requirements exactly.
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